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Monday, November 22, 2010

What Keeps Me Awake #1

Often I have heard people questioned, "Don't you care about the Earth?".  To this I would reply, "The Earth can take care of itself." There is nothing man can do that will ever destroy the Earth; only the sun has that power. That is not to say that mankind will survive, nor much of the animal and plant life we see today. But eventually some new species will rise and evolve towards intelligence.
My belief is that there is a basic intelligence programed into the universe. Why at the big bang did a system of "laws" based on mathematics come into existence? Why after millions of years has a creature on earth evolved into a life form that can understand this structure? Is it because the universe itself needs to evolve that intelligence to see itself? Without self-reflective self-aware life can anything be said to truly exist? Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest can something exist without someone to view it, without someone to say, "that is there and it is not me, it exists separate from me". If I told you that outside our universe was another universe that was made of candy you would say I was crazy and couldn't possibly know such a thing. Existence requires a viewer or something to somehow perceive it's reality. I believe the universe is constantly evolving intelligence in order to exist; without us the universe is naught. This is not God in any traditional sense but a rational development of a rational system. What will happen when the universe is completely self-actualized? Maybe God does not yet exist and this is the process by which God is created.

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