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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dylan and Picasso

I just returned from seeing Bob Dylan for the fifth time beginning way back in 1976. It was a glorious mess! It wasn't until halfway through one of my favorite songs that I was able to detect which song it was they were playing. The band was sloppy and the sound was harsh and shrill; a perfect accompaniment to Bob's old beaten up voice. But it is the ongoing destruction of his own talents as a songwriter that is most compelling and makes him like Picasso. He never does his older songs the same way twice going to great lengths to butcher his most beautiful melodies. Always inventive; being an artist is more important to Bob then being a craftsman and resting on his laurels.

Picasso was the same way. He was always fighting with his natural talents and found innovation and creativity more important then his great abilities at draftsmanship. Picasso emphasized the importance of destruction as a creative force. He also said he was never looking but finding. Like Dylan every new creation is neither better nor worse but just different; it is just another side of the artist. Neither man is trying to become a great artist but is merely displaying what he "has". It takes a great talent and a huge ego to do whatever you want and have it revered.

Earlier Picasso as draftsman:

Late Picasso paintings:

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