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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top Twenty

Albert Pinkham Ryder by Marsden Hartley

I had thought about putting together what I consider the top ten greatest artist of all time. But then I couldn't decide what "great" really meant. It is not merely most important, meaning most influential, but also having a timeless quality. An example would be my friend Andy Warhol. I must grudgingly admit he is the most important, influential artist of the second half of the twentieth century extending into the present. But I feel that influence has been so damaging to the humanist tradition of painting that I can not consider him great. All I could come up with was three and one of those was a tie. They are (in order) Michelangelo, van Gogh/ Gauguin and Picasso with perhaps (don't know) maybe Giotto or Courbet or Manet? And I guess maybe the whole ancient Greek sculpture/ architecture team. So I put together a list of my top ten favorite artists:

1. Michelangelo

2. van Gogh
3. Gauguin
4. Picasso
5. Beckmann
6. Guston
7. Hartley
8. Bacon
9. Titian
10. Cornell
And now for the next ten:
11. Ryder
12. William Blake
13. Kitaj
14. Manet
15. de Kooning
16. Winslow Homer
17. The Mystical Beuys
18. Matisse
19. Gorky
20. Morris Graves

Of course this list can and will change without notice on the wings of whimsey. Notice that I am mostly attracted to dead artists. What can I say? Next I will try to put together a list of living artist I can tolerate. Pardon me for being a misanthrope!

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