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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Amazing What People Think They Have A Right To Do

If Street art(vandalism) wasn't illegal it would be completely pointless. Now it has risen to a tweener fad and soon it will be an MFA degree program. Boston University bad-ass twinky student "Skeczh"(real name probably Claire) sez, "...that the prospect of getting arrested does not intimidate her.
“The sheer fact that street art is illegal is stupid. It’s another form of expression,” Skeczh said.
One of her friends, COM sophomore Michaela Smith, said she sees Skeczh as “fearless.”
“There’s a righteousness behind it for her. She feels completely justified in doing it,” Smith said.
“You shouldn’t have to be a famous artist for people to see your art,” Skeczh said." More Here.
Just another idiot in art school running up huge tuition loans that they think they shouldn't have to pay back. If you want to be a "Street Artist"...Don't Go To College! Posers

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  1. Thanks for this post, Mark. I completely agree with your last sentence.