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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here Is The Problem With Current "Art"

Found on Craig's List..... Hi, I'm an art student in Graduate school looking for adoptees and adoption parents who could talk about their adoption/adoption process. My project deals with how one identifies themselves (name, cultures, objects..), and i'll be doing both videos and recordings of the interviews. I'd like to do interviews in the next two weeks. If interested and would like to share your story please email me asap and I'll give you more details. Please put "Interview" in subject line so I know your not spam.


  1. One of the big problems in my opinion is even calling this art. When I was in college, this was called something else, and it wasn't art.

    1. I remember seeing a quote from Sean Scully (though I have not been able to find it) saying such work was neither social science nor art. Much of today's "art" falls in this limbo!!