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Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Curators Clearly Prefer Reading to Looking.

From "Two Coats of Paint":
" In a recent review blasting the New Museum's text-heavy international survey "The Ungovernables," Jerry Saltz adds a parenthetical note to curators:

"Just once, please, I wish someone would take a stand and say, "I don't like painting," then not include any in his or her show. One token painter is worse than none."

Or, better yet, we wonder, why not add a second (and third and fourth) painter so that painting is a bigger part of the mix? But Saltz is right--some curators clearly prefer reading to looking."

Well said.


  1. I often get the impression there's a whole lotta NOT looking going on and a much of nonsensical writing...

  2. Even if the work is so conceptual most of it is terribly sophomoric. Check out the current Whitney Biennial.