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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moons and Suns

Tonight I was looking at the cloud shrouded moon, floating behind several dark pines, enjoying how much it echoed a Ryder or Blakelock painting. Is this the only way I can truly enjoy nature? Must I always perceive her through the lenses of art and culture, not to mention science? I sometimes wish I was born 30,000 years ago when I could view the moon with awe and fear. Everyday I would wonder what happened to the sun? And here is the rub: this fascination, this wonderment, would eventually lead to the scientific world we live in today where everything spiritual or awesome has been reduced to synapses and DNA. We have moved so far from nature that we must look at her through some construct. I can't imagine just pure "living".

Ralph Albert Blakelock "Moonlight"

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